Our Project in London...

We went to Lodon in order to meet our Irish and Swedish friends
and discuss with them the main topic of our project. We also took
the chance to interview people with different ethnic background in
London and observed districts where mostly immigrants live.

During our research we were interviewing people, counting shops and trying to find
out about the nationality of the owner. We were observing reactions and collecting
personal impressions. But, the best part of it was: we finally could work together
with those Irish and Swedish students we until then only have met in the "Net".

Now, it was IRL ("In Real Life").

Unfortunately, we are still working at the evaluation and analysis of our results, since
we only meet once a week. We neither have so far received the results from Ireland
and Sweden. Thus, we cannot present the final version of our workshop result, yet.
Sorry !

You can, however, have a look in some fragments and rather personal impressions,
if you are interested and nosy enough...

And you can now - as our latest addition - have a look in our London diary.